About Us

Dark Horse Security Force

Dark Horse Security gained success in the retail security market in the late 2007- identifying the need for niche security in shopping centres throughout India.

Tailoring solutions to meet each customer's needs and providing exceptional customer service on every level, Dark Horse Security provides security solutions for a wide range of retail, construction and commercial properties.

Dark Horse Security's customer partnering philosophy has been a key to its success, and with its expansion into the national security market, Dark Horse applies the same core focus to every aspect of the business. With an autonomous management structure and hands-on involvement, client requirements are always the first priority and Dark Horse guarantees that each individual clients needs are met.

With our head office based in Brisbane, our security guards and electronic security technicians are poised to help our customers throughout India.

Dark Horse Security Force employs a team of highly experienced and professionally trained staff committed to security and safety. We understand that our business reflects your company’s standards and we work hard to be an important extension of your business operations.

Dark Horse Security Force matches the right skills for every client and we hand-pick our security guards to complement your organization and your work culture. Dark Horse understands that our security officers represent your business and we ensure we tailor the right solution and the right skills to suit your site.

Dark Horse Security Force are equipped with the latest real-time and smart-phone technology to ensure a streamlined approach to all security operations and Trident also provides integrated electronic security solutions to complement our guard service.

Dark Horse Security Force provides ongoing training for all staff to ensure our emergency, incident handling and reporting remains current, and that our guards are ready to deal with emergency situations in highly stressful environments.

Dark Horse Security Force experienced security officers understand the strategies and protocols that can often complicate your operations and are fully trained to deal with all and any incidents that may arise.

Dark Horse Security’s senior management understands how important our service is to your operations and we ensure our lines of communication are always open, seeking customer feedback, making site visits and keeping up to date with your every day needs to stay one step ahead of all your requirements.

Dark Horse Security Force does not sub-contract security guards and only employs licensed, trained guards who are committed to providing exceptional security services for Dark Horse and each of our customers.

Dark Horse Security offers electronic security and security guard solutions to suit every budget. With our head office based in Hyderabad, our security guards and electronic security technicians are poised to help our customers throughout India.

Our Discipline

Discipline"DARK HORSE SECURITY FORCE" as the name goes, is the name of discipline. The sense of discipline is installed into our security men. It is elating to note that there has never been any incident involving indiscipline in our cops. This itself speaks volumes about the discipline and integrity on high our cops are always smartly turned out. They are not permitted to join any union. They do not accept hospitality. They are cultured, civilized and they pay proper compliments comments commensurate to the status.

Character of Duties

  • Control room monitoring
  • Gate operation and access control
  • Verification of identity
  • Out-of-hours monitoring
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Anti-theft checks
  • Crime deterrence
  • Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Parking protection
  • First aid
  • Fire safety

Dark Horse Security prides itself on being an industry leader in the security sector. The Dark Horse Security team works cohesively with your business, forming successful and lasting customer partnerships. We understand our business reflects your company's standards and we work hard to be a vital extension of your business operations.

Dark Horse's innovative technology, well-developed training programs and comprehensive needs analysis, ensure all security solutions perform precisely to our clients' needs.

Dark Horse Security employs committed and well-trained security professionals with specialist experience, who are proactive in delivering outstanding customer service for existing and prospective clients. Dark Horse selects the right skills for all client requirements, to ensure a long-lasting and successful business relationship.

Dark Horse provides the best value and service for our electronic security solutions and security guard personnel and we pride ourselves on being an industry leader.

Communication System

Communication systemWhich help us to maintain very close liasioning with our prestigious clientele and to revert back very fast to give them prompt services. Over and above all, our supervisory staff, our cops and our clients always remain in communication through Personal contract, through telephone/mobile and other correspondence.

Security Vision System

Recently we have introduced ourselves in the field of providing security system for maintaining soundproof security arrangements. We have CCTV, VIDEO DOOR PHONES, FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM, and INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM, METAL DETECTOR, ELECTRONIC DOORFRAME & much more.