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Getting private security guards is as easy as ever, here is how our security company, DHSF security services, can help you.


Corporate Security

Today, almost every business owner faces threat of some kind due to the increasing crime rate. The most potential threats imposed on a corporate organization are of terrorism, organized crime and much more. Thus, most of the corporate houses seek for a potential security officer to safeguard themselves from any kind of threat.

Dark Horse Security Force is one of the leading service providers of competent corporate security guards for all your corporate security services. The security guards that we provide are well trained and constitute comprehensive understanding of how to effectively mitigate various emergency situations at an early stage.

The sole aim of our corporate security guards is to ensure deterrence of crime in the corporate sector. Our corporate security guards are imbibed with the principles of dedication and commitment towards providing our clients with complete security solutions. Some of the traits that our corporate security guards possess are:

  • They are highly trained and motivated ensuring safety of your industrial units in the best possible manner
  • They execute their duties in a highly disciplined manner
  • They never compromise with their integrity and responsibility towards securing your industrial property from any kind of threat

Industrial Security

We provide you potential security guards for guarding your Industrial property and assets. There have been numerous cases where materials stored on industrial sites are stolen. Thus, an industry needs to put emphasis on hiring proficient security service provider in order to safeguard their industrial site and equipments.

Dark Horse Security Force provides you security guards that help you maintain high safety standards. Our industrial security guards are capable of securing your industrial unit efficaciously. Some of the industrial security services we offer are access control, vehicle patrol, and preventing theft and vandalism at your property.

Our industrial security providers are given proper training so as to ensure that they carry out their duty in a most professional manner. Furthermore, our industrial security personnel work according to the convenience of our clients to provide them the best services in terms of security and safety of their industrial unit.


Residential Security

Crime is increasing at an alarming rate; a lot of thefts and anti-social activities are being reported each day in our society. Therefore, there is a dire need of potential security guards who are capable of handling any kind of emergency situation efficiently.

Dark Horse Security Force provides you proficient and professional security guards for all kinds of residential security needs of our clients. These security guards keep a close watch on the activities taking place in the premises so as to assure you safety from any kind of unforeseen emergencies.

Our residential security guards know the corrective action that need to be taken in case there is any kind of threat to your residential property, family or any other emergency and tries to complete their job as safely as possible.

Moreover, our security guards for residential security are proficient in protecting all your assets to the best of their ability. Some of the traits that our residential security guards possess are:

  • They are always alert and vigilant so that they can sense of any kind of threat being imposed on your residential property or family, at an early stage
  • They are always present on time, in prescribed uniform by the clients
  • They are imbibed with principle values of commitment and dedication towards ensuring you security of high standards and never compromise their core values

Hotel Security

Crime can take place almost anywhere even in hotels. The risk of crime needs to be assessed and further preventive measures needs to be taken. A hotel providing exceptional services but poor security exposes guests to crime risks and thus, may need to compromise reputation and goodwill. Thus, hoteliers are responsible for the protection and well-being of their guests. But to ensure proper safety of guests it is very important for hotels to hire services of professional security guards. Dark Horse Security Force is one of the prominent providers of potential security guards for your hotel that are adept to providing complete solutions for the security of your hotels. Our hotel security guards are trained to monitor any kind of security breach whatsoever that takes place in your hotel. We offer competent security guards with following traits that makes them perfect hotel security personnel:

  • They are uniformed or undercover security guard service depending on our clients specific requirements
  • They are thorough professionals in their jobs and besides being trained to combat any emergency situation they are also trained in greeting customer’s so as to ensure good relations from clients They never compromise with their core values of integrity and responsibility

Hospital Security

Whether it is a public or private hospital, security is critical for every hospital for the safety of their patients, staff and visitors. Furthermore, it is important to hire security personnel who are professional in their approach providing you discrete and respectful care and services and who understands the various challenges and security requirements of a hospital. Dark Horse Security Force offers hospital security guard that is professional and vigilant who looks after the security and safety of both public as well as private hospitals. These guards are well trained and assure that no illicit activities takes place within the hospital premises. Our hospital security guard ensures a safe working environment for patients and the working staff of the hospital. Our hospital security guard ensures deterring theft of medicines any other personal items from the hospital premises. Our hospital security guards possess some traits that make them reliable for clients such as:

  • They keep a strict vigilant check by patrolling the premises so as to prevent any kind of potential threats ensuring highest levels of security
  • They watch out for thefts by employees and visitors
  • They keep a tab on entry and exit of unauthorized persons
  • Enforces hospital rules and regulations

Bank Security

A lot of thefts take place in banking organizations thus; every bank today seeks for professional services of competent security guards for the safety of banks. We are a predominant name providing banks security guards. Our security personnel are well trained in the domain and ensure that all the banking operations are carried out smoothly.

Our bank security guard always stays alert and ready for dealing in any threatening situation. The security guard keeps a tab on the people entering and exiting the bank. The security guard is capable in making sound judgement as well as applying requisite force when needed to protect the bank from any unwarranted instance.

The security services provided by our bank security personnel includes services such as cash-in-transit, cash pick up, secure vaulting and security couriers. Moreover, we offer the services of bank security guard at competitive prices.


Personal Security

The crime rate today has reached an all time high. Thus, to safeguard the lives of people many security organizations have come into existence offering personnel security services to people based on their requirements. But it is important to choose professional security providers that are skilled to combat any kind of emergency situation.

Our organization offers personnel security guards who are well trained to render security services with perfection. Our personnel security guards sole purpose is safeguarding the life and asset of people proficiently. These guards are selected after thorough reference checks and tests to check their skills.


Retail Security

Nowadays, retail stores are facing a dire need for higher security. There can be different situations when you require security for your retail stores like thieves might steal merchandise and still exit the store undetected, or any other kind of emergency.

We are one of the leading organizations engaged in providing superior security guards that are capable of providing efficacious retail security and can combat shoplifting.

Our retail security guards have a trained eye and can immediately sense things that seems a little out of place. Our security understands our clients concerns of creating a secure environment in their retail stores and thus, caters to prevent any kind of loss to be incurred by our clients.


Construction Security

Dark Horse Security offers smart and innovative solutions to increase security and reduce risks for your construction property and development sites. Construction site security in India is essential, and Dark Horse Security's electronic security solutions and security guards will eliminate theft and increase the value of your investment.


Event Security

One of the leading crowd management, Venue management and Event / Show management company in India We have team of experts to manage various events (crowd management) like Sports, Festivals, Media & Entertainment, Exhibitions, Award functions, Corporate events, Private functions etc. Our work begins right from planning, awarding the responsibilities to each vertical of the team, to consultation and performance. With highly experienced and motivated team, we are equipped to assist every event organiser at every scale and complexity of the operations.

Our team is imparted with proper knowledge and understanding of the subject, through class room and practical onsite training, thereby ensuring highest level of delivery according to client’s requirements.


Property Protection

Now you can safeguard your construction site twenty-four hours a day, every day, with a customized security package designed to your exact specifications. Innovative, specialized technology and equipment enables our guards to efficiently oversee large areas from a single command post. In addition, we offer uniformed patrol security officers, alarm response guards with 24 hour dispatch capability and custom on-site security packages tailored to your exact security needs and budget.